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In a world full of friction, where concept of never settle is psuedo.

My Project: Design-React-Kit

Have a look at my Google Summer Of Code project with Developers Italia.

GSoC Submission
18 August 2019
GSoC Journey - Phase 3
Part 4

In my opinion, the time before any competitive submission is the most difficult phase. I am writing this in phase 3 of GSoC and I can say that the most difficult part of GSoC was the selection period. In the selection period, we have to contribute to the project as well as compete with other candidates.

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27 July 2019
GSoC Journey - Phase 2
Part 3

Phase 2 was from June 25 to July 22 and believe me this was the shortest phase for me. It went like a blink. A new project board with issues was there for this phase, but we had much bigger problems to deal in this phase.

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25 July 2019
GSoC Journey - Phase 1
Part 2

Developers Italia is a community dedicated to the development of Open Source Software, created to support the Italian digital public services.

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21 July 2019
Google Summer Of Code'19
Part 1

It's very tough, noobs have nothing to do with Google Summer Of Code. This line is something you must have heard of, from whom it doesn't matter but it's surely present in some proportion of air. In this blog, I'll try to break this myth and also share my experience so far.

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