GSoC Journey - Phase 3

Aug 18, 20193 min read

In my opinion, the time before any competitive submission is the most difficult phase. I am writing this in phase 3 of GSoC and I can say that the most difficult part of GSoC was the selection period. In the selection period, we have to contribute to the project as well as compete with other candidates.

I am not saying that GSoC is just about selection but we have the support of great mentors throughout the program who'll guide you through the difficulties.

Phase 3

They say Life is a speedy ride, I'll extend that to GSoC too. The main stuff left for this phase is:

  • Input Component

  • Form Validation

  • Leftover Stuff

Input Component

The input component is one of the most important component of any kit. I had to follow the design guidelines and Bootstrap Italia while forming it. The issue that I faced during this was, different rendering for different requirement.

If the user uses a label and no placeholder, then the label should work as a placeholder and it should align itself on top as soon as it is clicked. The second case is when a user uses a label with a placeholder, then the label should be static and on the top.

Plus it should behave differently when used as a password, telephone, email, etc field. To curb this I rendered the desired properties by, passing the desired keyword. For example to use Input with label effect, use <Input label='Esempio'> and you'll have it.

Form Validation

Validation is something which we descoped but then later thought of displaying it in a story. We made static fields which changed their behavior with the keywords valid and invalid.

Leftover Stuff

This included everything which required a second view. Me and my mentors were about to give a deep look at the components I had made, in case an amendment was required I would do that.

After skimming through components, I realized that Button, Progress, Card, and BottomNav were not a React component but were being rendered from plain Bootstrap Italia's HTML. Duh!

I might have messed these up in the first phase when I wasn't familiar with the distinctive rendering of components. Without wasting any further time I started with these. I made my last PR for BottomNav component on 16th august, which was well in time.

GSoC Submission

On August 12th, I got a reminder from Leonardo regarding my final submission. I discussed it with my mentor and we decided that a blog with all the links to my work will be the best option. You can visit this submission page from the navigation bar or you may click here.

GitHub commit graph for 4 months

Lastly, I will say that these 4–5 months were one of the most productive months of my life and I am happy that I contributed to open source project that'll surely help someone with something. I also want to thank my mentors, my family, and my friends for being a source of positivity for me which enabled me to develop self-confidence.

" Legend of the fall took the year like a bandit "

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