I'm Sanyam Dogra!

Frontend Engineer @ HousingAnywhere
Avatar Sanyam Dogra

I love building products using React + TypeScript. To sum it up, I basically make and break frontends. Apart from JS, I can code in python and C++ too.

Stuff I am currently dealing/learning:

I love open-source ❤️ a lot and I maintain my GSoC project:

To view my contributions, you can head over to my GitHub.

I'll be honest with you, I needed an excuse to get my hands on Next JS, TypeScript and styled-components, that's why I revamped this app and also due to my sudden urge to write blogs 🖖

I like music a lot, notice the Spotify icon in the footer? Yes it'll show my currently playing song.

To view the source code click on repository link. Have any questions? feel free to drop me a DM on Twitter.